Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a summary of key questions about differentiated services in design rhythm.

Since the inception of the website, many homepages have been useless and disappeared. Looking at the numerous websites that have played the role of company introduction, simple product information, and location guidance, I have been thinking about how to create a homepage that can be meaningful to consumers and producers. The homepage is not simply a gateway to a brief introduction of the company. It's deprecated as if it's been made worthless, but it has a more fundamental purpose. Creating a website is a web page that is composed of content that contains the company's strategy and vision goals.
Could the client's confirmation of the job be the right decision? I started with the question, but it was an extension of the existing process with the idea that it would help the client make the right decision. Agencies are not clients. Clients are the only ones who know and execute the company's values and objectives best. Agencies are just a supplement to the client. Therefore, it only guides the client to the key points. To do that, we first needed to train Clairint to make the right choice. Therefore, the design rhythm of the work is to work together to produce materials that should be preceded by the website. It will be the task of organizing the materials that clients have and preparing the contents in categories, ie organizing the images and text. This makes it quick and easy to apply to the platform, whether you are building a website or creating a brochure.
I've been wondering about building a website for a long time. Where did the millions of websites go? It is said that it has been made, discarded and recreated under the name of Trend. However, even if the web market is rapidly adopting new technologies, it is difficult to understand how many sites are easily created and discarded. Website production in developed countries has more time and process than domestic. After six months of making a website in Korea, I could do it in one month. But by looking at companies that have experience and are good at running sites, I have learned why site creation should take so long. The homepage, which has removed the process of bringing life to the site, has no meaning for the consumer or the company itself. Homepages are places where companies communicate with consumers over the web. Creating a homepage in a short time is just an interpretation of knowing everyone who has just met. It's also necessary to build a website that you will understand when you slowly talk to big and small issues.
Many clients want fast work. Immediate work is also important. Quick work is also closely related to amount. So I found a way to save time in two parts. One is the active use of platforms and templates. It's about reducing the time it takes to create a well-made website and trying to get the content out. Up until now, making a good website has been an important factor in making your homepage stand out, but it's now leveled up. The form of the site has become similar. It is no longer a differentiator. What makes the site more attractive is the harmony of images and text. The other is your skills. Your skills also include fast work. Fast, high quality is something that can only come from years of hard work. This is also a factor in creating a good homepage.
The field of the web is expanding. Not only mobile apps, but also kiosks and social, blogs, YouTube and other channels to communicate with consumers are diversified. Therefore, when content is created on the homepage, the same update should be made to various channels. For this reason, rational management should focus on content, not on platforms, to ensure reasonable management. Gone are the days when functional implementation and technical aspects were important. In order to be able to be cost-effective, images and writings that capture the hearts of consumers have become more important.
The point of differentiation in the service part of the design rhythm is the educational service. In order for the client and the manufacturer to look in one direction and get meaningful results, the client needed to be actively involved in the production process. The client participates in the workflow and is central to the design of the content, followed by training on operations management and statistical analysis. The core of the fourth industry is not great. Anyone becomes a teacher and anyone becomes a student. In this age of development, the relationship between clients and agencies must also change. Leaving it to agencies has been inefficient until now. For the manufacturer, it's one of several clients. The development of the platform and various web services made it possible to directly vary the various functions that were considered walls.