The design rhythm seeks to express the most intrinsic value of the object. The purpose is to make the brand, product value, and user's needs so that the unique value of the object can be felt from the perspective of design. Everything that exists has its own rhythm. Consumers feel trust when their identity and good rhythm resonate. Rhythm on the website is revealed through the principle of formativeness such as proportionality, balance, movement, movement, contrast, and organic harmony with visual elements such as color, text and image. Beautiful website is difficult. Easily created websites don't have lively value. Because the force that brings life to the site is created slowly over time.

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Hello. nice to meet you. I'm Giman Lee web designer. The reason why web designers have created self-portraits while creating portfolio sites is that despite the fact that I'm very shy, I have to do this in my mind. Since I was independent from my 10 years of work and thought about marketing as a freelancer, I couldn't help thinking about the power of trends and technological development. A good website must be designed to effectively communicate your message to consumers. Just as we led the trend ten years ago with the birth of the web, the video will make trends for a long time to come. As you can see on YouTube, video enhances the company's value through powerful message delivery that is different from the value of the web. As a web designer who elegantly wraps and delivers corporate objectives and strategies, and considering the value of clients, it's inevitable for me to take these challenging and experimental videos and market them. Just as the poor Vincent Van Gogh showed his value through self-portraits, experimenting with oneself is the least expensive and can be expressed as desired, so learning is also a great effect. So after hesitating for a long time, I squeezed a container and produced a video.

As a web designer, I'm talking about the values I pursue. I'm very interested in increasing quality. We have done a lot of research on how brands look luxurious, stylish and simple. Due to the development of fort web technology and the decrease of website value, production cost is falling. It is an inevitable change. That's why so many agencies have been building websites just as quickly and plainly to survive. But I hate that so many websites are easily created and discarded meaninglessly and I don't want to. Wouldn't it be great if I made it hard and left it in one place? It's worthwhile for customers to eat delicious healthy foods. There's so much to throw away a web site that is almost useless. What does it mean to have a website? Would you like to put a ball of beads to stand. In reality, a website is nothing but a cheap replica that everyone has, but creating a website at a price is actually creating something huge and complex that captures all the past, present and future values of a company. It's not like living in a grocery store, but adopting a dog at a dog center. I want to improve my perception of approaching clients, workers, or shopping concepts. Building is, of course, the hardest thing to do, but what makes it money is to build it, increase brand value, and earn customer trust. It's good to buy a new car. Wouldn't it be awhile? If you manage your car for a long time, doesn't it have attachment? This is brand power. Doesn't it take time for customers to feel this attachment?

The point is that website creation must be well crafted for a long time. Then you can ask yourself whether it's against the times. After all, time is money. . Due to the strong demands of clients, many agencies have been working in a short period of time. So you can't afford to discuss value. So I've been thinking about how to create value by creating a website that requires a lot of work. You can't save time. That's the principle. Most important. Only time has matured, so differentiation and strengths are intensified. Only then can you earn their trust. Of course it's nice to pay a lot of money and make a great website in a great agency. Cool. But I'm telling you that another dimension is whether it's a different story. There is a lot of technology development in the web environment and the cost of website production is falling. Just like YouTube, the value of existing stations is gradually decreasing. The same goes for automated ordering kiosks at hamburger shops. As the world develops, the cost of manpower is falling. As the web production environment improves with the development of web technology, it is possible to produce a good website effectively by investing the short production time in the production of high quality contents. Quality content is photography and text. This part can be said that the role of the client is important. In fact, it's best to make your own website, but why not outsource it the next time? Now it's very difficult to make a difference in the form of production. Because the technology is leveled upward. That's why you need to convey your message through photos and text. Will video be added now? The key is the future trend that the value of the company is evaluated based on the attractiveness of the content. In order for a company to have value, it must derive its value from a person with a deep understanding of the company. I mean, it's no longer the time to make a website if you give money to an agency. Now, I think it is time for a new type of collaboration in which companies are deeply involved in content creation. In other words, the client overlooked the importance of a website. I was satisfied with the site that did not reflect the value of the plausible packaged company. Creating a website is only worth the long, tedious and lengthy work that requires a lot of care. Not just silk websites but all the value of the world. This means that you have to learn a lot about the schedule, the time, the content creation, the marketing, etc. Because the client has only relied on the agency to create their own website, they manage the website in fragments. I want to build a system that participates in itself. The harmony between classic and digital is the value I want to create.

Time is money. Also, valuable output takes time. In order to bring them together, my strategy is to create a system that makes content creation a business. This is an opportunity to arrange the value of the company that was missing while saving time and money in the company position, and the agency can effectively create a website. In summary, you want to minimize production time and spend a lot of time creating content. If the client prepares and creates the material on his own, the result will be valuable with much deeper understanding. As a web designer, my first task is to become a consultant to help people in my company create content effectively. So the strategy of design rhythm is to divide the education system and the production system into two parts, to educate the client until the contents are well made, and to create a production environment where the production enters when the contents are ready. Education does not cost so much. I just need to visit you so I can prepare only what you need. But in my experience, a lot of clients miss this and move on. This is actually the most important thing. I want to let clients focus on the value of their content by shifting their thoughts to just the productions. My goal is to make it possible for me to manage my site on a meaningless site that I'm not familiar with.

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Creative design

Realize high quality artwork through analyzing and communicating information.

Education services

We provide training services that allow customers to participate in production of their site.

The best technology

Satisfy consumer needs with the best solution for the new web environment.

Reasonable price

Price competitiveness through the new platform allows you to focus more on content advancement.

Data statistics marketing

Implement an optimized business with the best marketing through analysis of Google and Naver statistical solutions.

Structural Design Guide

We raise the value of our products by upgrading the company's quantitative data to qualitative information.